Paghabi ng Salinlahi: The Art of Hinabol Weaving


For the Lumad community of the Higaonon tribe, Hinabol weaving is an artful tradition and a source of livelihood for their families. As the indigenous craft originated in their community, the skill of Hinabol weaving has been passed down from the previous generations of women. Men, on the other hand, are responsible in providing raw materials used for the craft. Located in the municipality of Impasug-ong, the Hinabol weavers and abaca farmers have worked their way up to the Philippine market and introduce their product even to international consumers. The intricate indigenous weaving process of Hinabol textile has been perfected with the help of the Malaybalay local government for the highest community in the municipality - Sitio Manalog, Bukidnon.

Published on Rural Missionaries of the Philippines and
Mindanao Interfaith Institute on Lumad Studies.