The Elder Tribal Women of Tindoga (Ang mga Bae ng Tindoga)


Hailing from Butong, Quezon, a municipality in Bukidnon, natives from the Tribal Indigenous Oppressed Group Association also known as Tindoga are well known for their resolute determination to reclaim their ancestral lands from the growing greed displayed by capitalist minds. Behind their battle is an image of a bold and fearless woman leader who passionately fight for the next generation of the Manobo-Pulangihon tribe, Bai Jocelyn Agdahan. As mothers, it is their responsibility to protect their land and their youth who'll continue their fight and who'll inherit the Lumads' humble ways of preserving their lands' beauty. And as women, it is their duty to defend and support their men. Fearless and unwavering, these women brave the brutality and call for retribution against their oppressors.


Personal portrait series exhibited at AND SO ON, AND SO FORTH (Dec 2017)
Exhibited at Vetro, Curated by Indy Paredes